Intro to the Interview Training Course

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Here is What is Included:

Fast Track

Do you have an interview tomorrow? Do you need to prepare fast? This course will teach you the interview basics, quickly giving you everything you need to know before the interview day.

Mastery Track

Do you have a little more time to prepare? Go into your interview with maximum confidence after taking our Mastery Track Course.

Custom Interview Playbooks

Are you transitioning from the military? Are you changing careers? Or maybe you have a resume gap? Our interview Playbooks are courses customized to fit your personal situation.

Negotiation Course

Want to know the best way to negotiate your salary and compensation package? In our Negotiation Course, we will teach you negotiation tactics used by experts to make sure you get paid what you’re worth.

First 90 Days Course

Not only will we help you get the job, but in our First 90 Days Course, we will teach you how to leave a lasting first impression and establish yourself at your new company.

Resume Writing Course

Learn how to write the perfect resume that will get you in the door to interview for the next step in your career.

Plus You Get Free Access to These Premium Tools:

Resume Builder

Our robust resume builder will help you craft a beautiful resume that will get you seen and in the door for an interview

Answer Builder

Mindfully craft your answers using our answer builder tool. Our Answer Builder tool uses all of the methods taught in the course, making it that much easier to put your newly knowledge into practice.

Mock Interview Tool

Put your newly crafted answers to the test using our Mock Interview Practice Tool.

A.I. Feedback

Get personalized feedback on your answers with our A.I. Feedback – Complete with a customized action plan. Get a rating on everything from your “power words” to your vocabulary sophistication.

Our 30-Day


We personally guarantee the results from our courses and practice tools. If you try Big Interview for 30 days and you are not happy with the results, we will refund you. All you have to do is send us an email with your request.

Normally $599/yr