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Hi, I’m Pamela Skillings, the creator of Big Interview and a top interview coach.

I’ve discovered the BEST way to prepare for a job interview.

It’s a cutting-edge technique backed up by years of academic research on the dynamics of job interviews.

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Discover unique interview practice tools

Unique Answer Builder

It’s easy to think you’ll know what to say when the time comes. Still, we’ve seen very talented and qualified candidates blow it on interview day by not preparing well.

  • We’ll take you step-by-step through our formula for building job-winning answers to the most common and challenging interview questions.


Powerful Interview Practice Tool

There is no substitute for good practice. Our mock interview practice tool lets you choose from hundreds of question sets that prep you for everything from aggressive hiring managers to unpredictable questions.

  • Enjoy an unlimited number of chances to record your responses and make all of your mistakes in practice.


Advanced AI Feedback

More and more companies are using AI to screen candidates for video interviews. You’ll be head and shoulders above the crowd by training these interviews using the same technology.

  • Our cutting-edge AI feature analyzes your responses and provides valuable feedback on how to improve, such as the use of filler words, eye contact, rate of speech, and vocabulary.


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Interview Anxiety Almost Got Me!

“Interviews make me really nervous, so I was seriously anxious about even practicing interview questions. But after using Big Interview, it wasn’t as scary a process. Overall I was really well prepared- I was even asked the exact questions I’d practiced!”


I Said Yes To My Dream Company! 

“At first, I wasn’t sure Big Interview would be worth my time, but once I got started boy did my feelings change. Being able to spend time practicing answers and understanding how to improve my skills made me much more confident.”


See exactly what you’ll learn

Interview Best Practices

As a career changer, even if you’ve done great in past interviews, you will have to change your approach to address new requirements and challenges. Reviewing the basics of interviewing will get you up to speed quickly.


Analyzing the Job Description

Analyzing the job description correctly is a key component to interviewing well, yet it’s often overlooked in preparation. We’ll teach you how to craft your interview answers around the job description and help you demonstrate why you’re the perfect hire.


Why Do You Want to Work Here?

For career changers, this is probably THE most important question. Our dedicated lesson on this topic covers all of the angles to this question, including “why this company?”, why this role?” and “why this career path?”.


What Are Your Strengths?

What are your greatest strengths? Why are you a good fit? What would you bring to the role? What sets you apart from other candidates? This is an opportunity to really “sell” yourself for the position. After studying this lesson, you will be excellent at selling your strongest points.


What Are Your Weaknesses?

As a career changer, questions about weaknesses are an opportunity to address the elephant in the room and reframe your non-typical background and desire to transition into a new career. Our lesson on this tricky question includes proven techniques for answering without stumbling or raising red flags.


Behavioral Basics

Those “Tell me about a time…” questions are widespread, especially at mid-size to large firms where the interview process is structured. Your answers must tell a compelling and impressive story, especially as a career changer. We’ll teach you the STAR method for answering behavioral questions across all standard competency areas.


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Try it and don’t like it? No worries.
We created a 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

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